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Leaders of the County Party Committee and County Government Paid an Inspect Visit to Our Company

2011-09-22 00:00

At 10am on September 22nd, 2011, leaders of Luxi County Party Committee came to Goldhorse for inspection and General Manager—Liu Haiyang, on behalf of all the staff, expressed warm welcome to the leaders. He accompanied the leaders to visit the aluminum melting workshop, grading workshop, nitrogen making workshop, packaging workshop, finished product workshop, lab and other production areas. The leaders fully confirmed the standard management and put forwards that fine spherical aluminum has huge market opportunity as solar energy market rises; as the high-tech enterprise supported by Chinese Academy of Sciences, Goldhorse can’t be satisfied with current situations although the technical level is world advanced and shall further integrate resources on this basis and walk on the route of scientific and technological innovation to realize good and rapid development and make greater contributions to county economy.

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