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Company Profile

Company Profile

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Company Profile

Hunan Goldhorse Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd., founded in 1989, is located in the Xiangxi Luxi Industrial Park in west development zone of China. In the past 23 years, it has created excellent quality of "Goldhorse" brand through continuous cooperation, research and development with Chinese Academy of Sciences and aiming for creating "Global Excellent Aluminum Powder" over years of persistent pursuit.

With 3,000t/a and 5,000t/a fine spherical aluminum powder production lines, it can produce above 8,000t/a excellent spherical aluminum powder expansively applied in high-level metal pigments, solar electronic paste, chemical industry, powder metallurgy, steel furnace Mg-C brick, anticorrosive paint, conductive paint, military raw materials and other fields.

Over 23 years of production practice and continuous cooperation, research and development with Chinese Academy of Sciences, it is leading in the aspects of product quality and technology. With specifications adjusted between 1-75um, the products of prominent advantages can meet requirements of different industries and customers.

The company has insisted on taking market as orientation, quality as lifeline and sincerity as basis and won the popularity and reliability of customers by virtue of scientific quality management system and outstanding service.

Looking into the future, the company will further integrate resources, strengthen management, improve research and development level and service level to create its core competitiveness in aluminum powder industry and keep the leading position of "Goldhorse" aluminum powder.

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